Prepare for Winter: Install Automated Gates

Automated gates high wycombeBefore the wet and cold weather returns, why not consider automating your driveway gates? Or if you’ve not already installed driveway gates, but are considering heightening the security of your home, think about the benefits of the automated kind.

Consider those drab winter days and having to exit your vehicle to open driveway gates, or perhaps having to leave the comfort of your warm home to open the gates for visitors, it is a less than appealing thought, are we right? GateKraft can save you the effort of opening your gates and also avoid the need for the cold and wet to dampen your day.

We have a large range of automatic gates that will certainly prove beneficial during winter, we have a gallery of designs or can work with you to create bespoke gates in a range of metal or timber finishes. we ensure your gates can be personalised to suit the style of the rest of your home.

For more information on the service GateKraft offers contact us on 01494 611 111 to discuss your requirements and arrange an appointment to assess your property to find a solution that meets your needs.

Reasons to Automate your Gates

automated gatesMaking the choice to automate an existing driveway gate gate is one of the best choices you can make in terms of securing your property. However, security is only one of a number of reasons automated gates benefit your home.


Automated gates provide effective protection from unwanted visitors; cold callers, burglars and even some species of unwanted wildlife will all be prevented from accessing your property.


Automated gates that are properly closed provide peace of mind when it comes to letting children and pets out of the house, particularly when you live near a busy road.


It is quick and easy to open gates using the remote from the comfort of your home or car, avoiding the need to get cold and wet when weather conditions are poor.


Gated driveways provide a feel of grandeur to any property, which can help increase the worth of your home when you come to think about moving.


Often insurance companies will quote lower rates for house insurance policies if automated gates are installed at your property.

With the enormous benefits installing automated gates offers it is definitely worth considering electric gate installation if you own a home with a driveway.

GateKraft offer simple and practical driveway gate solutions, developed to improve your well-being at home. Contact us today on 01494 611 111 for a free, no obligation quote