Electric Gates Beaconsfield

electric gates beaconsfieldThere are enormous benefits of installing automated gates in Beaconsfield. Whether you currently have manual gates or are thinking about installing driveway gates, consider the advantages of automation:

  • Improved home security

A well manufactured set of gates will ensure the completion of your security perimeter, which can have significant power to reduce burglaries or vandalism on your land.

Automated gates also keep other unwanted guests off of your land, from door to door salesmen to wild animals that could roam free causing damage to your property or garden.

  • Enhanced safety for your family

In addition to keeping your home secure, automated gates keep your family safe, ensuring little ones or pets are unable to roam away from home or run out onto main roads.

  • Increased value of your property

Not only do homeowners with automated gates benefit from lower insurance rates, the value of their home increases when they come to sell it due to the added security.

  • Convenient and easy access

Using a remote control it is easy to open a remote control without leaving the comfort of your home or car, which is particularly beneficial when it’s cold and wet outside.

Automated Gates Beaconsfield

At GateKraft, we are experts in the design, manufacturing and installation of automated gates. Whether we have produced and installed your driveway gates or not, we also provide servicing and maintenance services to anyone who requires our skills. If you have manual driveway gates we can upgrade these, if and when, you decide you want to make that move to the more convenient automated gates.

To benefit from the advantages automated gates deliver, get in touch with us at GateKraft on 01494 611 111. We will provide a free, no obligation quote for automated gates in Beaconsfield following a consultation to assess your requirements.