Add Value to your Home with Metal Railings

railings gerrards crossEnhancing your property with metal railings can increase the value of your home when you come to sell. Of course, railings can also enhance the appearance of your home as well as increase security.

Metal Railings Gerrards Cross

There are a number of advantages that come with installing metal railings, GateKraft have provided the most important benefits, which include:

Security: Having metal railings installed will help protect your property from intruders (the human kind as well as the wild animal variety). They will also help prevent your pets and young children from escaping the perimeter of your property.

Value: Metal railings can improve the asking price for your home and help guarantee the asking price is received when it comes to selling your home. This is due to the fact that homes with increased security often obtain greater offers.

Appearance: Installing metal railings can enhance the look and appeal of your home. When it comes to selling your home appearance is everything; properties with railings can help create a great first impression for prospective buyers.

Railings Gerrards Cross

There are several things to consider before installing metal railings:

  1. Your selected railings need to compliment your home or business
  2. Selecting the right materials – wrought iron, aluminium or steel
  3. The desired colour or finish required for your metal railings
  4. Required on-going maintenance

Choosing to install driveway metal railings in order to enhance the appearance of your property is guaranteed to add value to your home, while enhancing security. At GateKraft, we offer a consultation, whereby we come and assess your home, listen to your requirements and arrive at a solution that suits your property.

Contact our friendly team at GateKraft on 01494 611 111 for more information about installing metal railings to enhance and protect your home in Gerrards Cross and surrounding areas.

Weatherproof your Gates

metal gates chalfont st peterAs autumn and winter approach, we, at GateKraft thought it would be a good time to explain how you can protect the appearance of your metal gates against the elements to ensure your gates are prepared before bad weather sets in. Cold weather, particularly conditions such as frost and snow, can cause wrought iron gates to corrode. Ensuring the upkeep of your gates can be simple and here are a few tips to help you maintain the look of your driveway gates.

Metal Gates Chalfont St Peter

To protect against corrosion you can paint them, galvanise them or powder coat them to ensure your gates continue to look good. It is good to be aware that if you live by the sea or roads that are frequently salted, wrought iron gates have an increased chance of corrosion so that is why we advise weatherproofing using one of the following methods to protect them.

Paint your Gates

Painting them will help to hide blemishes and signs of rusting. However, over time paint can flake away, so if you decide to protect your gates using this method you will need to be mindful of how regularly your gates will need to be maintained to keep them protected.

Galvanise your Gates

Galvanising your gates offers longer term protection, which reduces the need to continually paint your gates. By coating your gate with molten zinc, your gates are enhanced with a non-corrosive protective layer that should last for about 25 years. Galvanisation leaves your gate with a silver finish, which might not be to everyone’s taste, if that’s the case powder coating could be the option for you.

Powder Coat your Gates

Powder coating your gates provides the opportunity to add colour to the metal surface of your gates. The process itself involves baking dry powder onto the galvanised surface in a factory. The process provides an added layer of protection and removes the need to continually repaint your gates.

Driveway Gates Chalfont St Peter

If you would like further information about protecting your metal gates from the elements in Chalfont St Peter and surrounding areas get in touch with GateKraft by calling us on 01494 611 111.