Service your Automatic Gates this Festive Season

gate servicing marlowIt’s only a month until Christmas; a time traditional spent celebrating with family and friends, away from your business premises and maybe also your home. The main reasons most of our customers install automatic gates is to protect their property and ensure its security against unwanted intruders. Have peace of mind this Christmas if you are planning to spend time away visiting loved ones and ensure your home is secure, which includes ensuring your electric gates have had their regular service.

Gate Servicing Marlow

If your gates have not been serviced for a while, it’s time you got in touch with GateKraft. Gates need to be serviced based on how regularly your gates are in use. The gate installation company you used should have provided a servicing schedule based on usage upon completing the installation of your electric gates.

A typical servicing schedule looks like this:

  • Book an annual service for electric gates operated up to 20 times a day
  • Book a bi-annual service for electric gates operated between 20-50 times a day
  • Book a quarterly service for electric gates operated over 50 times a day

Electric Gates Marlow

At GateKraft we complete a thorough servicing to ensure your automated gates operate safely, securely and are in good working order to effectively keep your property secure. For more information about what our servicing process involves find more information here or give us a call on 01494 611 111 to book your electric gate service this festive season and give yourself peace of mind that your gates will work smoothly this festive season.

Electric Gate Maintenance: Winter Checklist

electric gate maintenance ascotAs the weather turns wintry, there are several factors that can reduce the functionality of your automatic gates, such as fallen leaves, rain, snow and ice, as well as grit and salt from the road.

GateKraft have provided a simple checklist to help you ensure your automatic gates keep operating reliably throughout winter and beyond.

Electric Gates Ascot

  1. Pay attention to the noise your gates make and the speed at which they operate. If your gates are making a loud screeching noise or go slow when you operate them, it is likely your gates are in need of servicing.
  2. Keep the area surrounding your automated gates free from leaves and litter to avoid such debris getting caught up in your gates and limiting their ability to operate.
  3. Look at the general wear and tear of your electric gates. Damaged hinges, rollers or exposed wiring should be looked at by a professional.
  4. Ensure any safety devices your gates are fitted with are damage free and securely fixed.
  5. Clean photocells with a damp cloth to remove dirt; blocked photocells should prevent your gates from closing.

Conduct these checks regularly and ensure you are keeping up with your automated gate servicing and maintenance schedule. Regular gate servicing can reduce the need for repair and new parts, which in turn will protect the investment you made when you had your gates installed.

Gate Servicing Ascot

You can find our servicing recommendations based on automated gate usage here. It’s worth mentioning that at GateKraft – electric gate specialists Ascot – we don’t need to have fitted your gates to come out and service them. We are fully qualified and equipped to conduct servicing and maintenance on all types of automated gates. For more information about electric gate servicing and maintenance get in touch with GateKraft on 01494 611 111.