Enhance your Home this Spring with Bespoke Designed Gates

bespoke gate design marlowSpring often brings us at GateKraft a number of enquiries from customers looking to enhance their homes. Installing electric gates is not only a choice for those looking to secure their properties but also those looking to add a sense of grandeur.

Gate Designers Marlow

The team at GateKraft manufacture quality electric gates and railings with a view to creating the work of art many customers want situated at the entrance to their home.

With over 25 years experience designing gates we aim to secure your home or business while providing a skilfully crafted gate that befits your property. We know there’s not a one size fits all gate which is why we invite your input during our design consultation phase.

If you are looking for design inspiration take a look at our gallery of gate designs that we have installed for existing customers. We craft gates from wood or metal, we install manual and electric gates, swing or sliding, the choice is yours.

Bespoke Gate Design Marlow

Our guarantee to you is that we will work with you to design gates that you love to compliment your property and add grandeur.

To get in touch with our highly skilled team call 01494 611 111, we install quality gates that are safe and enhance the security of your property.

Choosing the Right Automated Gate to Secure your Home

Installing automated gates as a form of security to protect your home a family is a wise choice. However, with different materials and styles of gates available, deciding which type best fits your requirements can be a minefield. In this article, GateKraft discuss the merits of closed view and open view gates to help determine which type of gate best fits your needs.

closed view gateClosed View Gates

Closed view gates are solid gates that don’t allow passers-by visibility of your property. Therefore, this must be the obvious choice to enhance security, right?

Closed view gates are often likely to deter burglars because:

  • They have no visibility of what’s on offer for the taking
  • They have no idea of any additional security measures in place to protect your property

In conclusion, burglars are less likely to risk getting caught if the above factors are unclear and will most likely target properties with less protection.

Open View Gatesopen view gate

On the other hand, open view gates offer visibility to neighbours and passers-by, of any suspicious activity taking place within your property, offering the potential to expose and stop burglars.

Automated Gates Buckinghamshire

While these opinions vary greatly, many of the customers we serve are simply of the belief that they will feel more secure by installing automated gates to protect their properties. By informing you of these considerations and detailing the merits of materials and styles through other blog posts, we hope that when you come to make a decision about the type of gate you have installed, that these factors help ensure you make the best decision for the security of your family and home.

For further assistance regarding the best choice of gates to secure your home, get in touch with GateKraft on 01494 611 111 today. We design, manufacture, install and maintain gates in and around Buckinghamshire.