Benefits of Automatic Gates

Automatic Gates Amersham

The choice to install automatic gates at the entrance of commercial and domestic properties is most often made for security purposes. And the fact is, these days it’s relatively quick, simple and cost effective to protect one’s property by installing automated gates. There are many benefits of installing automatic gates, here’s a few for your consideration:

Electric gates have the potential to provide comfort and security to homeowners and businesses. To improve security there are many features that can be included when you have automated gates installed including circuits, sensors, remote controls.

There’s a lot of choice to be had with gate design these days, to get your installation off the ground it’s a good idea to consider the style and design you have in mind as well as your preferred materials. When making such decisions it’s wise to have a budget in mind for your gate installation project.

Installing gates can add a look of grandeur to your home, making it more aesthetically pleasing, which is why an investment like this can add to the resale value when you come to sell your home.

There are different styles of gates offering different benefits, two common types are:

  • Sliding gates:
    • Takes up less space
    • Provides maximum benefits
    • Slide from side to side
    • Great investment
  • Swinging gates:
    • Require a flat driveway
    • Provides a great level of security
    • Affordable
    • Common choice for commercial properties

If you are considering installing automatic gates, it’s worth considering the benefits mentioned, as well as offering security, automated gates create a great impression, which makes the investment a win-win scenario. Get in touch with GateKraft for more information about Gate Installation in Amersham, call 01494 611 111 and we will schedule a consultation at your home or business premises to discuss your requirements and carry out an assessment.

Secure your Home with GateKraft

driveway gates great missendenAt GateKraft, based near Great Missenden, we provide an exclusive gate installation service that encompasses design, manufacturing, installation and servicing and maintenance of all gates we are enlisted to fit. The service we provide is unique in the Buckinghamshire area, delivering the full package when it comes to the installation of your driveway gates and railings, that will keep your home secure. Wooden or metal automated gates are a must have for security conscious home and business owners looking to keep out unwanted intruders.

Gate Installation Great Missenden

In addition to the installation of automated driveway gates there are a number of steps you can take to keep your property protected and secure from unwelcome visitors.

  1. Keep all entry points locked and secure.
  2. Avoid hiding spare house keys within the grounds of your property.
  3. Keep valuable items out of plain sight.
  4. If you’re unlikely to be at home as it gets dark, set a timer to come on at a regular time each day to make the house look occupied.
  5. Avoid tagging your location on social media when out and about alerting people to the fact no one’s home – it’s worth noting this also invalidates many home insurance policies should your home get broken into.

Driveway Gates Great Missenden

These simple steps can prevent unwanted guests from attempting to access your home. It’s also widely recognised that driveway gates deter unwelcome visitors from attempting to gain access to your property. While a significant investment, would-be burglars are less likely to attempt to access properties protected by security gates for fear of being caught by other security devices that could be installed beyond the gates.

If you live in the Great Missenden area and are looking to install security gates get in touch with GateKraft on 01494 611 111  to discuss their unique gate installation service further.