Slugs, Snails and Automated Gates

If the summer rain hasn’t put enough of a dampener on anyone having a stay-cation in Chorleywood this year, it could be creating havoc for your automated gates. Slugs and snails everywhere are enjoying this year’s British summer and are on the lookout to cause chaos. These creatures aren’t only out to destroy your lovingly nurtured plants; they increasingly seem to be finding their way into the control boards of your automated gates.

Automated Gates Chorleywood

Not many weeks have gone past recently when we haven’t been called out to deal with an automation malfunction, only to find the culprit to be one of these slimy creatures.

There are ways in which you can limit the chances of slugs causing mayhem with the control panel of your electric gate. Ensure vegetation around the control box is cut back, lay slug pellets in the area surrounding your control board and make sure you get in touch with GateKraft on 01494 611 111 to regularly service your automated driveway gates in and around Chorleywood. The number of services your gates require a year depends on how much you use your gates. Regular servicing will protect the investment you made when you had your gates installed. Gate servicing will limit damage and ensure bigger issues are prevented.