Gate Safety Hemel Hempstead

At GateKraft, we are committed to ensuring all our automated gates are installed safely, and we educate our customers to understand the potential dangers posed by operating electric gates and why maintaining them is so important.

Electric Gate Servicing Hemel Hempstead

We are qualified gate installation experts and we offer gate services to anyone needing their gates serviced, regardless of whether they are gates we have manufactured and installed. We conduct safety checks and following our service recommend maintenance we feel your gates require.

If you have any concerns about the safety of your gates then you should get in touch with one of our qualified technicians. A member of the GateKraft team will carry out an assessment,  fully servicing your gates to identify through a series of stringent tests whether your gates are safe to operate. We follow up with a report detailing any areas for concern. We can also rectify any issues that arise from the service if you decide to go ahead on our recommendation.

All machinery can be a safety hazard if the appropriate care and maintenance is not received, this very much includes electric gates. A regular servicing schedule can ensure you have peace of mind.

Automated Gates Hemel Hempstead

Contact GateKraft on 01494 611 111 for further information about automated gate safety and book in a service for your automated gates in Hemel Hempstead.

Metal Gates Chorleywood

If you’re looking to install gates that require minimal maintenance, then metal gates are the option you’re looking for. GateKraft design, manufacture and install manual or automated driveway gates to increase the security of your home or business.

Metal gates, especially automated ones are a great way to keep out unwanted visitors such as opportunist burglars and wild animals. We can include an integrated locking system that requires pass code and intercom entry to allow access to your home or business premises, it’s also possible to access your property via remote control.

Unlike wooden gates, there is limited need to worry about metal becoming weathered, we can weatherproof metal gates by galvanising and applying a waterproof coating.

Metal Driveway Gates Chorleywood

GateKraft are located near to Chorleywood, we offer an efficient, reliable service, providing an upfront consultation to address your needs for the installation of metal driveway gates.

We offer bespoke designs or can work to a design that you have chosen, however feel free to check out our online gallery for design ideas and inspiration. If you would like further information about the process of installing metal gates, get in touch with us at GateKraft by calling us on 01494 611 111.

Considerations When Looking to Install Automated Driveway Gates

If you are looking to have automated driveway gates installed then you are making a great decision for the protection of your property and family. Automated gates are an excellent addition for the homeowner looking for security and ease; they allow occupants to leave their home freely and prevent access to unwanted visitors.

Before you can choose your desired gate you need to carefully consider the following points:

Where will you position your driveway gates?

You can install driveway gates in a number of places but there are some locations that will enhance the lifetime of your gate.

  • Avoid installing in a dipped location, as this will create a flood risk that would damage the mechanics and electrics should there be a flood.
  • Avoid installing where the gate would need to open uphill, creating pressure on the gates motor.
  • Never install in an enclosed area where contact with people or items could happen.

Do you want a swinging or a sliding gate?

Before making a decision between a swinging or sliding gate be sure to consider your needs.

  • A sliding gate is preferable is space is limited
  • A swinging gate is more favourable if your driveway steep or if you’d prefer not to install tracks in the surface of your driveway.
  • If you’re looking at your choices from a budgetary position, swinging gates are often less expensive than sliding gates.

What materials would you like?

Consider what visually appeals to you but be aware that different materials perform differently.

Metal gates are much less likely to be blown about than wooden gates. Wooden gates require continual maintenance such as repainting or refinishing to protect the wood from the elements.

The manufacturing process for metal gates is more expensive than wooden gates, maintenance is often less expensive as it’s not required as regularly as with wooden gates.

If you would like to know more about automatic driveway gates  with GateKraft on 01494 611 111, we design, manufacture, install and maintain gates in Great Missenden, across Buckinghamshire and beyond.