Are your Gates a bit Sluggish?

At GateKraft, we know that the elements can be a cause for concern when it comes to gates looking weathered but the recent rain has welcomed slugs and snails to your garden, giving you more reason than you might think, if you have automated gates, for wanting to deter these creatures from visiting.

Slugs and snails can worm their way into the control panels for your automated gates and cause untold damage; we receive numerous calls every year at this time with customers having issues operating their gates, only to discover these pesky little creatures inside the control panel.

Gate Maintenance Chesham

Of course there is no foolproof way to keep them away but we have the following advice to limit there chances of reaching your control panel.

  • If there is vegetation surrounding the box that houses the control panel, cut it back
  • Surround the area around your control box with slug pellets
  • Have your gates serviced regularly to ensure your gates are working as they should be and to avoid drastic action should these slimy little critters be going to work on your control board

If you are experiencing any issues with your electric gates get in touch with GateKraft, on 01494 611 111, even if we’ve not installed your gates, we are certain we can remedy any issues you may experience.

Gate Automation Hyde Heath

At GateKraft, we are often called in to transform manual gates to automated gates, and why? Not only to improve security but also to make the experience of having driveway gates all the more convenient.

Automated Driveway Gates Hyde Heath

For anyone considering whether to automate existing gates we put forward the following points to ponder:

  • Access can be gained via remote control, keypad or intercom
  • You can program your gates to shut at a specified time
  • Security is enhanced, since forcing automated gates is far more difficult than simply walking through their manual counterparts
  • Prevents access of unwanted guests and/or animals, prevents pets and children from walking out onto the road

 Electric Gates Hyde Heath

GateKraft employ professional technicians capable of assessing your current gates to discover their suitability for upgrading to include automation. Following this assessment your gates may require adaptations to enable automation.

GateKraft are gate installation professionals based in Hyde Heath, we offer an efficient service with upfront consultation, which aims to collate all considerations to ensure you are aware of the options available to you. For more information about gate automation, contact GateKraft on 01494 611 111.

When Sliding Gates Fail…

There are many benefits of installing sliding gates, they are especially convenient when space is limited but when they fail to work it can be difficult to enter or exit your property.  While it is rare for sliding gates to fail when maintenance and servicing packages are upheld as per the manufacturer’s guidelines, should they fail, as always, GateKraft are here to offer you potential solutions:

  • Ensure the automated system is receiving the right amount of power it needs to operate
  • Check whether a fuse has blown
  • Look to see if there are obstructions on the track or around the wheels
  • While unusual, particularly on newer systems, check the control board hasn’t burnt out following a power surge

Of course if once you’ve checked for these issues, none seem viable, get in touch with GateKraft on 01494 611 111. GateKraft are renowned across Buckinghamshire and surrounding counties for their excellence in designing, manufacturing, installing, as well as maintaining and servicing automated gates. We are always happy to help with maintenance issues even if your gates weren’t installed by us here at GateKraft.