The Importance of Gate Maintenance & Servicing

Automated Gate Safety High WycombeGateKraft are specialists in the design, manufacturing and installation of electric gates in Amersham. However, it’s also important to mention that we take the safety of our customers extremely seriously and pride ourselves on our expertise in maintaining and servicing automatic gates.

Gate Maintenance Amersham

Each time we are involved in a new installation project we ensure our customers are aware of the recommended maintenance and servicing schedule for their newly fitted gates, as with all moving mechanical parts, regardless of how well they are designed and manufactured, they need to be serviced at regular intervals.

We firmly suggest hiring a qualified engineer to maintain and service your automated gates instead of attempting DIY fixes that can prove dangerous unqualified persons carrying out the fixes and those subsequently operating the gates.

Gate Servicing Amersham

Automated gates should be serviced according to usage, when we install electric gates we offer our customer a servicing contract. First we determine the estimated usage of your gates and based on manufacturers recommendation specify that:

  • If gates are operated up to 20 times a day they should be serviced annually
  • For gates operated between 20 – 50 times a day, they should be serviced twice a year
  • When gate usage exceeds 50 times a day, we recommend they undergo servicing 4 times a year

GateKraft employ qualified technicians with safety accreditations under their belt, making them the key people to call when you gate requires maintenance of servicing. It doesn’t matter if we weren’t responsible for installing your automatic gates, we will happily come out to maintain and ensure the safety of your gates.

Automated Gates Amersham

If you need a service for your electric gates click here to book a service with the expert team at GateKraft – we are automated gate specialists in Amersham and surrounding areas. Alternatively, for additional information on automated gate maintenance, servicing and safety, get in touch with us today on 01494 611 111.


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