Heavy Duty Automated Security Gates to protect your Business

At GateKraft, when we ask businesses why they choose to install automated gates, their answer is usually the obvious – for added security.

A manual gate is a good investment, an automated gate better still if your intention is to enhance security, but if you’re looking for the ultimate deterrent check out these heavy duty security gates with bollards fitted. The automated bollards work in perfect synchronicity with the automation of the gates allowing you automated accessibility to enter/exit your businesses premises remotely, significantly reducing access to unwanted guests; especially the type who like to drive at gates to force entry.

GateKraft specialise in enhancing the security of your business and or home; we design, manufacture and install gates and railings, wooden or metal, manual or automated. We take the considerations of your business into account and make recommendations following an upfront consultation to assess your requirements. If you’re a business looking for heavy duty security gates in and around Aylesbury, get in touch with GateKraft on 01494 611 111.

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