Automated Gates: Security for your Home

At GateKraft, when we ask our clients their main reason for installing automated gates, their answer is almost always for security purposes.

wooden driveway gateWhile any gate is better than no gate, there is opinion that suggests gates which you cannot see through offer more security than others you can see through. The theory behind this is that closed boarded gates do not afford a potential burglar the opportunity to see inside a property, with no idea what is offer for the taking or even if homeowners are at home or not.

However, talking to some of our customers about the designs they opt for and many are of the belief that the opposite is in fact true, with gates you can see through actually posing a larger risk to burglars getting caught. Their opinion was that see-through gates allowed the possibility for neighbours or passers-by to see suspicious activity through the gates. metal driveway gatesWith burglars ultimately not wanting to get caught, there’s a sensible argument for both options increasing the security of your home and deterring unwanted intruders.

At GateKraft, we design bespoke driveway gates and railings to secure your home and protect your family. Contact us today on 01494 611 111 for more information.