Automated Gate Entry: Key Pad versus Remote Access

At GateKraft, we install driveway gates; there are a number of ways to open gates manually or automated. Automatic ways of opening gates include by remote or by key pad, here we consider the benefits.

Remote Access:

Gate remotes have one or two buttons; the buttons open and close the gate. Modern day remotes have highly sophisticated algorithms that mean security issues are almost unheard of.

Key pad Access:

Key pad access can be considered a better method to gain access, because in terms of security the only people who can gain entry are those who know the number sequence set by the owners. Of the two options the key pad will prove the more expensive option.

Automated Gates Chalfont St Giles

When considering the benefits it is a matter of personal situation, if security is your driver for installing electric gates then the key pad is definitely the option to go with; however remote access is still very secure and far less expensive.

GateKraft are experts in designing, manufacturing and installing automated gates and can offer advice on which option would best suit your requirements, for more information contact us on 01494 611 111.