Reasons to Have your Automated Gates Installed by Professionals

At GateKraft, we regularly see people attempt to install automatic gates themselves only to realise the process is far more complex than anticipated. Enlisting professionals to undertake the installation is important largely from a safety perspective but take a look at the following considerations the experts never fail to overlook if you need further convincing.

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Professionals know that the dimensions of the gates being installed will determine how much power is needed for the automation to work. If the power is inadequate the system will operate slowly and burn out far quicker than it should. It’s worth noting that your warranty will be invalidated if the wrong automated system is installed for incorrectly sized gates.

Often overlooked when novices install their own gates, is whether the gates can work manually in the case of a power failure. If gates wobble or scrap along the ground when opened manually this should be rectified before the gates are automated.

If you are installing underground systems it is vital to ensure drainage is adequate as machinery that is constantly waterlogged will eventually fail.

We are also aware of the latest technological advances in terms of entry, which makes life more convenient for not only authorised vehicles but also delivery drivers and visitors entering on foot.

Employing professionals ensures your automatic gates work to their potential avoiding any compromises to your security. Manufacturers issue lengthy warranties for gates that are installed by professionals, which are often invalidated when non-professionals attempt to install gates themselves.

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GateKraft are professional gate manufacturers and installers. Our installations are first class, guaranteeing your safety and the reliability of your driveway gates. For more information get in touch with us on 01494 611 111.