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As with all moving mechanical parts, they need to be serviced at regular intervals. You should have your gate automaton serviced according to usage, Your installation company should have offend you a services contract along with the estimated usage of your gates.

According to usage; most manufactures recommend the following.

  • System used up to 20 times per day, should be serviced once per year.
  • System used 20 to 50 times per day, should be serviced twice per year.
  • System used over 50 times per day, should be serviced quarterly.

A basic service should include:

Asking the house owner if they have had any problems.
Remove the motors from the foundation boxes.
Examine and clean motors and foundation boxes.
Lubricate all moving parts with waterproof grease.
Carry out a soak away test.
Top up oil level if needed.
Check and clean all safety devices.
Check control board and hosing.
Check all main welds on gate hinges.
Lubricate all external moving parts.
Carrie out a forces measure test.
Touch up paint work if stranded colour.
Finally report variably, all finding to owner.
Stamp service records.
Prepare a quotation if required for any work needed.

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